Lend-Rx Technology introduces DOLTRACKER

Maximize your audience segmentation and social listening potential with a specialized Healthcare platform that seamlessly combines Social Media discussions with Scientific and Industrial information.

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Uncover hidden information:

Access up to three times more insights into Therapeutics when Healthcare Professionals indirectly discuss them through mentions of Clinical Trial acronyms.

Cut Noise to reach key Insights:

Enhance the identification of topics and sentiment analysis by enriching social media data and de-identifying information, mitigating obvious relationships and uncovering more profound insights.

Speed up competitive analysis:

Doltracker has undertaken the arduous task of connecting the dots and updating the competitive landscape daily. Simply choose your disease, product type, biologic target, or mode of action, and gain access to comprehensive competitive landscape information, from a macro to a detailed perspective.

Save your time not building or updating queries:

Our daily updates will automatically incorporate additional terms, including new clinical trial names and product synonyms, sourced seamlessly from scientific and industrial information.

Biomedical dedicated Natural Language Understanding

Harnessing the uniqueness of Biomedical concepts and engagement in health-related discussions, Doltracker leverages on a proprietary Natural Language Understanding algorithm, semantic analysis, and fine-tuned Large Language Model tailored specifically developed for Biomedical content.

Medical Topics

Doltracker's Natural Language Understanding identifies hundreds of medical concepts categorized into key topics related to therapeutics or diseases.
Discover crucial insights such as patients' unmet needs or trending topics within your therapeutic franchise.

Statements endorsed by healthcare professionals

Key messages are linked to a specific therapeutic to distinguish it from others based on guidelines, efficacy, side effect profile, observance, and more.
Doltracker's Natural Language Understanding identifies statements made by the medical community within your therapeutic area, capturing these essential distinctions, how they progress and to which product.

Sentiment and outcome analysis

Leveraging semantic analysis, Doltracker tags the sentiment and outcome analysis of social media posts, gauging perceptions of for example the efficacy of your therapeutic.
The sentiment detection feature will promptly alert you to any negative social media buzz surrounding your products.

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Two ways to work with us

Doltracker SaaS Platform

Run your own Audience segmentation or Social Listening with a subscription to our SaaS Platform. We will assist you for training, account and customer based services.

Research & Consultancy

Continuous and ad hoc studies leveraging our unique set of data and expertise.


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