Behind our promise to be your healthcare data provider and research partner stands the Lend-Rx Tech platform.

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Our AI-powered platform collects, aggregates and analyses millions of different documents from validated sources and medical experts.
Natural Language Processing delivers not only sentiment, but also context and topic.

Based on this matrix and our real-time knowledgebase, we find explicit cause-and-effect statements relating indicators and events. When enhanced with medical semantic analysis, Natural Language Processing and advanced predictive analytics, these connections provide invaluable insights to inform your decisions.

All these data are structured and made available directly as LendRx_Listerner dadasets or as data visualisations via AI enabled therapeutics Intelligence DOLtracker.
Designed for the health sector by health and tech specialists, our AI enabled therapeutics Intelligence platform simultaneously gives you the bigger picture, while also going into granular detail. Based on a convenient subscription model, it is your one-stop shop for healthcare data.
Our team and tech do the time-consuming heavy research for you, so you:

• Connect the dots

• Access actionable insights
• Free up valuable time

We Collect

Gather unstructured data from a wide variety of validated sources, from press releases to healthcare open-data sources, regulatory websites, medical registries, medical journals, and social media. New data sources are regularly added.

We Connect

Extract essential metadata, connect the dots and enrich the therapeutics information, including point-in-time mapping, using Natural Language Processing to obtain sentiment, context and topic. Manual curation validation and corrections ensure maximum precision and accuracy.

We Analyse

Analyse all the texts through a combination of Natural Language Processing and medical semantic analysis to deliver sentiment, context and topic. Through data aggregation, we then obtain valuable insights to inform your decision-making.

We Deliver

Make these insightsavailable either in a raw format via our LendRx_Listener datasets or as data visualisations via the DOLtracker platform. Based on a SaaS subscription model, DOLtracker gives you access tovast amounts of structured healthcare data in just a few clicks.