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We create information that allows you to reduce your risk and make better investment decisions in the Healthcare sector. Our work brings greater insight to the pharmaceutical market.Our ambition is to be the most comprehensive data provider in the healthcare sector. Propel comes with everything you need to get your business rolling.

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We know healthcare

We are first and foremost experts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. A genuine sector expertise ensures we focus on the data that is useful and eliminate what is just noise. We transform information into insight for our customers.We track the journey of drugs from R&D to market. The information we produce can cover all therapeutics segments, across every milestone of products life cycle. Crossing those informations with company fundamentals and financials helps our customers to minimise their risk, maximise their upside and to make better decisions.

We know data

The Healthcare sector is data rich. Our combination of artificial intelligence and sector expertise allows us to track down and blend public and commercial information into relevant signals for capital allocation in the pharmaceutical industry.We mine data from multiple sources globally and turn it into insights, using an integrated system of natural language processing and machine learning tools continuously improved by a team of industry experts and data scientists.The way we combine and analyse these data feeds creates commercial advantages for our customers. Because we have worked client-side, we truly understand the level of data you need to make better decisions.


Olivier Leherle

Philippe Very

Khoi-Nguyen Nguyen

Lothaire Noah
Lead Developer Full Stack

Anaëlle Pierredon
Lead NLP Engineer

Xavier Quiquemelle
Lead Data Engineer

Advisory board

Patrice Baudry
Head of Medical Affairs EuropeAnthos Therapeutics

Damien Nouvel
PhD CNRSHead of ERTIM/INALCOProfessor Associate NLP

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