Social Listening

Doltracker gives you the power to tune in and listen to your audience across various dimensions with specialized dashboards.

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Benchmark your product in your competitive

Accelerate your competitive landscape analysis through automatic classification and filtering, driven by the enrichment of social posts with scientific and industrial data.
Begin with a panoramic view of your therapeutic landscape and seamlessly drill down to side-by-side comparisons. Discover key topics, sentiment, and statement exchanges surrounding therapeutics in your field, categorized by the type of persona.

Listen to conversation around your product

Stay attuned and monitor social media interactions related to your product, spanning all therapeutic synonyms (brands, generic names, R&D codes), or through Clinical Trial mentions.
Identify key topics and sentiment associated with your product, uncovering trends in statements about it.
Categorize your monitoring by persona and access social media posts aligned with your filtering preferences. Gain insights into what your audience is sharing at any given point in time.

Congress online insights

With the Doltracker platform, which encompasses hundreds of Medical Conferences, you can seamlessly monitor online discussions both preceding, during, and following these congresses.
This comprehensive tool offers valuable insights into various aspects of Therapeutics and Diseases, including the ones that garnered the most attention during the conference, the prevailing sentiment, the subjects of discourse, and notable Clinical Trials outcomes.

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